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Birth Healing

If birth was not what you were expecting and you need to release any negative aspects so you can more fully enjoy a more positive future then Birth Healing is for you.

Birth Healing - can be as much about our own births as giving birth to your own baby.  It is about feeling whole, connected and intimate with ourselves, physically, emotionally and even spiritually (whatever belief system or none).

negative aspects of birthing, such as unwanted intervention, loss of sense of control, or fulfilment can lead to lack of happiness.  Postnatal Depression is one label, for many moods that are negative.  It is ok to be a little depressed, just not to be stuck there, or with extreme feelings.  It is better to let these feelings go.

This process can be done anytime, not necessarily immediately after a birth, however, good birth debriefing can reduce the stress and post traumatic aspects, and increase the satisfaction of what you have achieved.

The methods used can include a blend of the following to suit individual or group needs:
  • Counselling, sharing the story, reviewing the notes, using art and colour therapy to express feelings,
  • breath work based upon yoga principles to release and let go negatively charged memories from the body and mind.
  • Touch or non-touch techniques using acu-pressure, and memory trigger points around the head for relaxation and resotring an empowering attitude
  • Intuitively guided healing visualizations - listening to your breath, your body and your spirit, ...

Facilitated by Registered Midwife, Nurse, Teacher, and natural therapist with over 25 years experience in UK NZ and Asia. 

Also with a background in Law (BA Law) and able to support you with any advocacy needs  (such as reviewing the clinical case notes and seeking any clarification from hospital or other bodies).

This is available in Aotearoa / New Zealand - Auckland and Wellington ($160 per session 2 hours)
This is also available in England London and Home Counties (£100 per session 2 hours)
[Concessions available]


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Did Drs steal the normality of birthing?

  • Active Birth Did they 'steal' it or are we GIVING AWAY OUR choices our self-determination to choose the birth and life we want without letting fear dominate? Is it a bit of both? Can we take more responsibility for our decisions - and achieve greater faith in our bodies and the birthing process? - maybe it can be as simple as saying 'no thanks' to intervention and stating what we do want, then negotiating a middle ground if necessary or stick to what we know we want.
what do you think or have experienced - and if you are a Dr how do you feel about this type of statement?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Birth Preparation Workshops

Birth without fear
Birth preparation workshops

Workshops are offered to aid you with achieving the birth you want through information; relaxation; and empowerment leading to greater ownership and participation in your birth process. 

Also, help will be given on how to advocate for youself in a 'system', with how to consent or tactfully decline procedures and positively assert your wishes with the staff around you.

Anatomy and physiology explained as relevant to you and your baby.

Confidence and Gentleness as you Empower yourself to achieve a culturally safe birth as you constantly look at balancing Risk and Benefit of all your decisions and assumptions.

Reason & Feelings

(Gut feelings are subtle animal responses to situations guiding us with what is right for us, however, fear produces adrenaline in our fast and frantic lives affecting our innate wisdom with decision making). So, turning down the stimulation the over-reading; and instead be listening to calm quiet voice within, for inner wisdom we reduce the challenges brought by a society based upon fear.

One option often over-looked is to actively do nothing. There may be risks of intervention or of not intervening in pregnancy and birth. We need to own our decisions by participating in the process, and sharing with our care-givers and supporters

Biography - About me

Midwife over 20 years; Neonatal & Paediatric Nurse over 25 years with thousands of births attended in numerous hospitals all over the UK and NZ and Australia; in both private and public hospitals, as well as homebirths and including significant numbers of waterbirths, as well as intensive care work focused on respiratory and cardiac care. I have researched comparative birth in and around Asia the Orient and in the Americas as well as the UK NZ and Australia. Although I still work clinically in both high and low risk pregnancies, I am moving more towards art and writing as ways of encouraging empowerment of our innate birthing wisdom. [ref To Give Birth is a Fearsome Thing and painted by artist Katie Elder article by Robb Kightley British Journal Midwifery MARCH 2010, VOL 18, NO 3]

Educator – (Postgraduate Certificate in Education PGCE) – facilitating learning for individuals or groups interested in any aspect of childbirth, and the legal and ethical aspects of midwifery and nursing.

Advocate (BA Law) – As an RN RM we are duty bound by our professional codes to advocate for clients (even where I may disagree with what you want) I support and encourage you to make informed decisions. This is achieved with less fear and more information, common-sense and trusting your birthing process, to reflect your strengths.

My Roles:

Expert Witness – providing reports on matters of fact in relation to care and records of care for medical negligence cases, profession conduct cases and other

Employment law advisorMidwives4Midwives blog

Experienced litigator – drafting legal statements and legal research to resolve cases in or before going to court by effectively challenging health care providers such as hospitals and government organisations.

Natural Therapist (Shiatsu; Acupuncture; etc)


NCT AIMS Sheila Kitzinger Primal health (Odent)



What do you want?

You need to know what you want, why and how you want to achieve it. To visualize this and discuss it will let many irrational fears go and deal rationally and holistically with any other challenges.

My aim is to achieve this by “Participation and partnership” Or, “Awareness and Responsibility

You may not know all of what you want, especially if this is your first birthing experience, or, if it is a subsequent birth you may know what you want to avoid from a previous birth.


Costs are very reasonable and vary depending on numbers and location, from £50.

Books suggested
Birth without violence - by Frederick Leboyer (RIP)
Activebirth by Janet Balaskas
Anything by Sheila Kitzinger or Michel Odent

links .... to be continued and added to ....

Web sites recommended or youtube clips
The Business of Being Born
Birth into Being
Google - gentle birth; unassisted birth; skin to skin at cesarean sections;

The informed parent



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