Saturday, 6 August 2011

Birth Healing

If birth was not what you were expecting and you need to release any negative aspects so you can more fully enjoy a more positive future then Birth Healing is for you.

Birth Healing - can be as much about our own births as giving birth to your own baby.  It is about feeling whole, connected and intimate with ourselves, physically, emotionally and even spiritually (whatever belief system or none).

negative aspects of birthing, such as unwanted intervention, loss of sense of control, or fulfilment can lead to lack of happiness.  Postnatal Depression is one label, for many moods that are negative.  It is ok to be a little depressed, just not to be stuck there, or with extreme feelings.  It is better to let these feelings go.

This process can be done anytime, not necessarily immediately after a birth, however, good birth debriefing can reduce the stress and post traumatic aspects, and increase the satisfaction of what you have achieved.

The methods used can include a blend of the following to suit individual or group needs:
  • Counselling, sharing the story, reviewing the notes, using art and colour therapy to express feelings,
  • breath work based upon yoga principles to release and let go negatively charged memories from the body and mind.
  • Touch or non-touch techniques using acu-pressure, and memory trigger points around the head for relaxation and resotring an empowering attitude
  • Intuitively guided healing visualizations - listening to your breath, your body and your spirit, ...

Facilitated by Registered Midwife, Nurse, Teacher, and natural therapist with over 25 years experience in UK NZ and Asia. 

Also with a background in Law (BA Law) and able to support you with any advocacy needs  (such as reviewing the clinical case notes and seeking any clarification from hospital or other bodies).

This is available in Aotearoa / New Zealand - Auckland and Wellington ($160 per session 2 hours)
This is also available in England London and Home Counties (£100 per session 2 hours)
[Concessions available]


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